Hyper “cart”: Karma has provided a platform for hypercar

Hyper “cart”: Karma has provided a platform for hypercar


This time designed for the super – and hypercar. All-wheel drive “trolley” has four electric motors (1115 HP), and in theory it can be built commercial version of the concept of Karma SC2.

Platform E-Flex offers a wide variety. Future partners “Karma” will be available five basic types of “truck” and 22 varieties. Already the commercial E L4-Flex-enabled Autonomous driving fourth-level classification SAE and EREV E-Flex electric is addressed with the “extension stroke” kind of sedan Revero GT. The third option is named a High-Performance E-Flex and is designed for super – and hypercars.

This version of E-Flex is equipped with four electric motors, flat traction battery and a new inverter on silicon carbide power modules (they have a higher switching speed, lower losses and better thermal conductivity). The power plant is designed for a peak capacity of 1115 horsepower. Torque at the wheels taking into account the transmission gear ratios – 14 000 Nm. Claimed acceleration to 60 mph (97 km / h) in 1.9 seconds and a power reserve of 644 kilometers.


One of the possible applications of High-Performance E-Flex – product version of the concept of Karma SC2. Coupe introduced in November 2019, and had similar characteristics: power – 1100 forces, acceleration to hundred – 1.9 seconds, the mileage from the batteries to 120 kilowatt-hours – 563 km. In addition, the show car got a fingerprint scanner, a facial recognition system, audio system with 3D effect and sound distribution for individual zones and biometric seat and steering wheel.

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