Hypercar Aspark Owl has become much more powerful and a little cheaper

Hypercar Aspark Owl has become much more powerful and a little cheaper


The company Aspark, the main business is recruitment, showed at the auto show in Dubai the production version of the electric hypercar Owl. First Japanese car of this class received a power plant with a capacity of more than 2000 horsepower and frenzied dynamics – 60 mph (97 kilometers per hour) it takes 1.69 seconds.

On the way to mass production Aspark Owl got the usual side mirrors with built-in cameras, side glass driver side, with lowered Central section, an active rear wing that rises at 150 kilometers per hour, and quite sophisticated interior. Hypercar chassis with crumple zones in the form of honeycombs made from carbon and stainless steel and weighs 120 pounds. Body panels – carbon fiber reinforced polymer – add another 60 pounds. Total weight – 1900 pounds at a height of 99 centimeters.

Frankfurt the concept of “Owls” had a capacity of only 435 forces, the prototype was 1000 strong, but the serial version of the crossed doubled – up to 2012 horsepower (2000 Nm). Is a Japanese-made hypercar is the most powerful production car in the world. He surpassed Battista Pininfarina, Rimac C_Two (both 1900 strength and 2300 Nm) and even the recent leader – Lotus Evija (2000 forces and 1700 Nm).


Powerplant Aspark Owl consists of four synchronous electric motors with permanent magnets and 800-volt traction battery by a 64 kilowatt-hour. At the peak of the battery that is part of the power structure of the chassis, produces 1300 kilowatt of energy, and fill it from a 44-kilowatt terminal for 80 minutes. From overheating and overcharging protects the battery proprietary system analyzing the parameters of each individual cell.

From a standstill to 60 mph (97 kilometers per hour) Aspark Owl all-wheel drive accelerates in 1.69 seconds (with road tyres). However, before that, as well as the “RIMAC”, Japanese giperkara need to drive 30.5 cm; a set of 300 kilometers per hour will take 10.6 seconds. In the latter case, Evija Lotus will be faster, because it will reach this mark just nine seconds. Owl maximum speed – 400 kilometers per hour. The maximum travel 450 kilometers.

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For stopping from triple-digit speeds meet carbon-ceramic rotors with 10-piston front calipers and four piston rear. Suspension – hydraulic: there are automatic and manual adjustment of clearance in the range of 80-160 mm. The “Owls” there are four driving modes: for city, rain/snow, sports and “maximum acceleration”. Also on the list is an extensive list of assistance systems, climate control, media system, four display and Keyless entry.

Assembly Aspark Owl will establish in Turin, the factory Manifattura Automobili Torino. Edition hypercar price 2 900 000 Euro limit 50 copies. The first deliveries to customers planned for the second quarter of 2020. Orders are already being taken.

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