Hypercar Czinger 21C promises “revolutionary” performance

Hypercar Czinger 21C promises “revolutionary” performance


Founded in 2019, the company Czinger Vehicles will debut at the Geneva motor show with Hypercam 21C. The coupe will get a mounted one behind the other seats, “a combination of iconic design and breakthrough technology” and components printed on a 3D printer.

Founder Kevin Czinger Vehicles Zinger sure hypercar 21C is an example of a “shift of paradigms in the field of design, development, engineering and manufacturing cars.” Probably talking about the application of additive technologies, as singer, happens to be and CEO of the California startup Divergent 3D specializing in 3D printing of metal. In 2017, the company showed a prototype Blade with a “printed” aluminum chassis and body, and thus created components were 10-15% lighter than conventional.


Dvuhdverka Czinger 21C develops ideas Divergent Blade and has the potential to become at least a small-scale model. It is known that the machine is equipped with in-house developed hybrid powertrain; in the cabin only seats two, and they are located one behind the other.

New hypercar should be more powerful “blade”, which the movement brought a turbo from a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. AMS Atelier its working volume was increased from 2.0 to 2.4 liters, and the returns raised up to 730 horsepower.

A feature of the technology Divergent 3D use as the basis of the chassis is printed on a 3D printer power connections connected to each other carbon-fiber “rods”.

The rigidity increase of the metal panel, the shape and location of which is selected by a special computer algorithm. The use of “printed” aluminium reduces the vehicle weight: for example, the Blade weighed 630 pounds.

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