Hypercar vs. Airplane: Who’s Who?

Hypercar vs. Airplane: Who’s Who?


The not entirely fair race ended very unexpectedly.

Bugatti has organized an unusual drag race between the Chiron Pur Sport in Les Legendes du Ciel specification and Dassault Rafale Marine, a fourth generation French multirole fighter.

Chiron Pur Sport Les Legendes du Ciel is a special edition limited to 20 units, priced from € 2,880,000. It is dedicated to Ettore Bugatti and his participation in the development of aircraft engines and even an entire aircraft. However, this version is intended to pay tribute to the Bugatti racers who served in the French Air Force in the early 1900s.

The hypercar is powered by a standard 1500 hp eight-liter W16. and 1600 Nm with four turbochargers, a seven-speed preselective robot and permanent all-wheel drive.

The enemy was not chosen by chance. Firstly, the “aviatorial” connection of the participants of the race is obvious, and secondly, the Dassault Rafale is a completely French project, like the Chiron: engines producing 5727 hp. and 58 550 Nm, weapons and all electronic systems were developed by French engineers. These two “purely home” products converged on the naval base in Landivisio.

The Chiron is considered one of the fastest production cars, but it does not match the maximum speed of a military aircraft, which is capable of gaining about 2000 km / h. However, on a short runway, he has every chance to win.

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