Hyperion XP-1: loud statement

Hyperion XP-1: loud statement


Having the idea of space technologies for the road, the company Hyperion is promoting hydrogen as the way forward. With the latest traffic, focused on the current electric technology, hydrogen was “overboard”. Latest hydrogen-powered electric supercar of the XP-1 is intended to fill this gap.


We are very excited to present the world Hyperion, so we can tell people about the benefits of hydrogen energy systems – CEO and founding member of the Hyperion Angelo Kafantaris.

Founded in 2011, a well-educated team, the company is focused on technology and aims to revolutionise the transport sector with the use of hydrogen systems.

The Hyperion company, based in orange, California, supplies advanced technology in the field of space technology, first developed by NASA.

Although the trend of using luxury cars with electric motors in tandem with internal combustion is on the rise, it is not surprising that fossil fuels still exhausted. All-electric supercars are moving faster than ever, but the range and recharge time are still matters of concern. Even the record holder of the Nurburgring, a fully electric Nio EP-9 suffers from these traps traditional electric technology. Meanwhile, Hyperion seeks to use the power of hydrogen the most common element in the universe.

XP-1 uses high-performance hydrogen-electric power plant with zero emissions. Energy system with technology developed directly by the world’s leading companies in the field of aeronautical engineering and space agencies.


Although its latest concept XP-1 will be good for the environment, she did not slow down under any circumstances. Hyperion says that XP-1 will be able to outrun modern cars without worrying about range, reload time, endurance and possibility of recycling.

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