HyperTEK: the famous designer presented a super expensive motorcycle

HyperTEK: the famous designer presented a super expensive motorcycle


The South African company BST, the famous carbon-fiber wheels, presented… the Hypertek bike with a striking design.

To open new horizons BST was attracted to the project not someone else, but designer Pierre Terblanche his famous countryman who once worked at Ducati and created the appearance of models such as 749, 999, Hypermotard and SportClassic. Terblanche own and a rather controversial opinion on the beautiful, which in this case helped to create an unusual and memorable camera. According to the designer, HyperTEK is the best creation!


The motorcycle is equipped with a DHX Hawk electric motor that develops 80 kW and 120 Nm. The power plant allows a range of 300 km, and charging from the Express terminal just 30 minutes. Another feature HyperTEK is a mass of 205 kg, which is modest for an electric bike. To achieve “diet” of indicators was possible thanks to a carbon structure and a power plug integrated into the traverse. The instrument panel, instead it informs the pilot head-up display helmet Crosshelmet X1.

BST plans to start production within 18 months. Estimated cost HyperTEK – 80 thousand dollars.

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