Hyundai and Canoo preparing a new platform for electric vehicles


Hyundai and Canoo has launched a joint development platform for electric cars.

For the first time about the company Canoo became known three years ago, but then it was called Evelozcuty. Only this time, the organization was able to provide some interesting prototypes.

The organization’s representatives claim that all models produced by them will have a single platform. But for the South Korean manufacturer, it seems, would be exempt.

Under the partnership the two companies specialists from Hyundai will participate in the development of a platform for knowledge and experience of Canoo. If the result is good, the finished product installed on the electric cars of the brand.


A good outcome of this project for the company Hyundai will be developed platform for budget-electric vehicles, which the organization plans to supply the world market in the near future.

It is known that for this partnership were allocated money from the overall budget for the development of electric technology, which Hyundai said earlier. The entire amount of investments – more than 87 billion dollars.

“Skateboard” is the best platform for electric cars?

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