Hyundai and KIA are preparing three electric crossover

Hyundai and KIA are preparing three electric crossover


By the middle of next decade, a group of Hyundai-KIA expects to have the asset of 13 conventional hybrids, six hybrids with charging from the mains, 23 rechargeable electric car and two electric cars with hydrogen fuel cells. The first model is built on is designed specifically for electric vehicles the platform will appear in 2024. The first electric car that has no analogues internal combustion engine, the Koreans will release already in 2021-m.

Meanwhile, one of the most important of their models, the two companies intend to electrify in the current, 2020. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid version will appear at Santa Fe, next to the Tucson and Sorento.


In addition to electrification, the Hyundai-KIA is now actively engaged in the technologies of Autonomous control. Put them on a commercial footing, it is expected that in 2023: it was then a joint venture established last fall with Aptiv (formerly Delphi Automotive), must provide products that meet the highest – the fourth and fifth levels of autonomy according to the classification of the Community of automotive engineers (SAE). The implementation of these plans, Hyundai and KIA intend to spend enormous even by the standards of the industry sum of 87 billion dollars.

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