Hyundai and KIA will increase the effectiveness of their electroral

Hyundai and KIA will increase the effectiveness of their electroral


The heat pump was still on the “first” KIA Soul EV 2014, and here is the heir, modern Soul EV (aka e-Soul). The model has two versions: 136 HP, 395 N•m, the battery is 39.2 kWh, 276 km course and 204 HP, 395 N•m, 64 kW•h, 452 km.

Recently, comparative tests of twenty electric vehicles conducted by the Automobile Federation of Norway (NAF) won crossover Hyundai Kona Electric, showing the smallest variation in the reserve on a single charge in hot and cold conditions. In the cold, he walked 405 miles, which is only 9% less mileage on the WLTP cycle at + 23 °C (449 km). Now Hyundai and KIA explained the success of the heat pump, minimizing the cost of heating the cabin. Verify that the heat pump in electric cars and hybrids is not new. Interesting implementation details in each case.


Joint development of Hyundai and KIA, probably one of the most developed. In simple heat pumps for the benefit involves only the heat from the external environment (air). In a more complex – from the electric motor, batteries and power electronics. In the latest version of the system from the Korean manufacturer bargain heat with the cabin divided and the traction battery (liquid cooled), and inverters, and on-Board charger.

The heat pump essentially works like a “air reverse.” External heat is transferred to liquid refrigerant, which evaporates. This gas goes into the compressor, compressed, and then the refrigerant gives off heat to the cabin in the condenser and becomes liquid, closing the cycle.

The Ministry of environment of Korea conducted a test of this system on the example of electric Kona and her fellow KIA Niro EV. Their reserve at minus seven degrees Celsius (with heating system) was only 10% lower than at a temperature of 26 °C. In the range of modern electric cars, a similar loss is 18-43%, according to Hyundai. Add that electric vehicles ten years ago the difference of stock in cold and warm could be two-fold.

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