Hyundai became the most popular first car of the youth

Hyundai became the most popular first car of the youth


The South Korean car brand Hyundai more often chosen by young people under the age of 30 years.

Analysts have conducted a survey of young motorists who talked about their preferences in the choice of the brand of the vehicle. About 26% of respondents admitted that prefer the Hyundai brand.

Next in the ranking of the German automotive brand Volkswagen. This is a brand preferred by 22% of respondents young motorists.

The third is another representative of the South Korean automotive industry is KIA. Among the respondents, there were more than 18.5% of the fans of this brand.


Motorists also admitted that the choice of vehicle you prefer the best options in terms of fuel consumption.

As a first car young people choose foreign production.

Drivers consider that these models are more beautiful and economical. Appearance for many is in the first place. The importance of the exterior in favor of more than 9% of the respondents.

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