Hyundai brought to the test of the updated i30

Hyundai brought to the test of the updated i30


For new pictures you can see the body lines of the front.

Photospin was able to capture a new test prototype of the Hyundai i30 hatchback on the street, still dressed in camouflage. In fact, this particular car is hiding more than the earlier test mule. In addition to the camo tape on the front, this model is also covered with a heavy tarpaulin that shows a little more of what’s underneath.

We already know that the new modern design language of Hyundai, with its large grille. As in the case with the prototype, which photospin caught in early September, this instance has a massive lengthening in the rear window, mimicking the body “wagon”. Fresh photos give us a glimpse of the new led lenses, which this car will get, at least on certain configurations.


We don’t have information about the changes to the interior or powertrain. At the moment, we expect that they will be transported with minimal differences. The current i30 made its debut in 2017 model year, so updates to interior trim and engine range the car is not required. It is possible that the engineers simply modify the existing motors.

Also, while there is no information about the expected date of debut. We expect that the car will present in late 2020 or early 2021.

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