Hyundai creates air conditioning of the new generation

Hyundai creates air conditioning of the new generation


Innovative setup with automatic purge will be able to protect from peculiar smell, to prevent bacteria growth. In the current environment, this function is very useful.

Hyundai Motor’s engineers are working on the conditioning of the next generation who will differ from the pervasive systems of control “climate.” So, thanks to “After-Blow” is a new development from Hyundai will be able to fight the spread of bacteria and to destroy unpleasant odor.

With it motorists can face on especially hot days when turning on the climate system. Blame – that have accumulated on the radiator moisture. And this is quite a fertile environment for all sorts of bacteria. The developed algorithm solves this problem by running the purge for 10 minutes. Work control sensor battery.


The second technology is called “Multi-Air Mode”, able to redistribute the air flow for greater comfort of the driver and his passengers – all depends on specific preferences. This advanced air conditioner monitors the air quality inside the car.

His observations of the system divided by the color indication. With the appearance of orange signal the system starts the cleaning mode. If this procedure does not help, then car owner need to change the filters.

The novelty will test the new models Hyundai Genesis and KIA.

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