Hyundai curtails the development of internal combustion engines


Hyundai has closed its combustion engine development division at its Science and Technology Center in Namyang. This was not officially announced, but according to The Korea Economic Daily, this decision was dictated by the rapid development of electrification technologies that do not require traditional internal combustion engines.

According to preliminary information, the corresponding letter was sent to his subordinates by the new head of Hyundai R&D Department Pak Chun Kuk. In particular, it stated that “Hyundai’s own internal combustion engines are a great achievement of the company and its engineers, but now it is necessary to reorient towards innovation based on the gained experience.”

If the information from the Korean publication is true, then it can be concluded that Hyundai has decided to completely stop developing gasoline and diesel engines, focusing on environmentally friendly power plants with zero harmful emissions.

At the same time, the Hyundai brand already has some developments in the field of such technologies. These are the E-GMP electric modular architecture, created jointly with the KIA brand, and several options for electric motors, which the Ioniq 5 crossover received in production.

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