Hyundai denied rumors about the rejection of ice

Hyundai denied rumors about the rejection of ice


Development of new internal combustion engines at Hyundai / Kia continues. Koreans understand that the future belongs to electricity, but they soberly assess the situation.

One of the most important news of the last days of 2021 was Hyundai’s refusal to develop new internal combustion engines, we wrote about this. The Korean company has carried out a small restructuring of its departments, simultaneously sending a plug-in hybrid hydrogen car under the knife.

The reason for the publications in the media around the world was the news from the Korean media, where it was argued that, according to their source, Hyundai wants to focus on electricity and see no reason to improve the internal combustion engine. The journalists of the American edition Motor1 wanted to get an official confirmation or refutation of these rumors and sent their request to Hyundai Motor America. And now the story has been continued, because they received an answer.

“Hyundai Motor Group can confirm that it will not stop developing new engines following recent media speculation. The group is committed to providing global customers with a powerful portfolio of diverse powertrains, including a combination of high-efficiency and zero-emission electric motors. ”Said Michael Stewart, Group Senior Manager, Hyundai Motor America

In September 2021, Hyundai announced that the brand will become purely electric in Europe no earlier than 2035. Moreover, if the ban on the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines in the EU is approved, it will be the first such region in the world. By 2040, the Korean automaker plans to sell electric vehicles in most of the major markets. All in all, by 2040, electric vehicles (battery and fuel cell) should account for 80% of annual sales.

By the way, as far as fuel cell electric vehicles are concerned, there is also news here. Previously, we, like many media outlets around the world, wrote about Hyundai’s abandonment of electric vehicles with a fuel cell power plant. The journalists of the Maeil Business newspaper managed to get a refutation of these rumors. Automaker Denies Rumors, Genesis Next Generation Fuel Cell and Electrification Roadmap Claims Remaining Valid

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