Hyundai Elantra after the change of generations will remain “charged” version

Hyundai Elantra after the change of generations will remain “charged” version


Standard sedan, Hyundai new generation to debut in February-March, it “sportively” option is likely to represent later. In this second modification, expected to change my name.

“Cityradio” Hyundai Elantra actual generation of the index AD released in 2015, in 2018, it has been updated, getting a “triangular” design. At the home of the brand model is called Avante, and last year she finished in the red: won 62 104 vehicles, which is 18% lower than a year earlier. However, unlike American manufacturers, reducing line of “clean cars”, the Koreans from sedans not going to give up: soon will debut Avante/Elantra next generation (factory index – CN7).

The “normal” model is already caught during the tests, the images posted on the web last summer. Judging by the personnel, form done in the style of global the latest Sonata and is intended only for China Hyundai sedan Lafesta. So, the Elantra got a similar grille, the silhouette became kupeobrazny, the rear lights are probably connected by a luminous band. More “cityradio” is likely to have grown (the current Elantra, the length is 4620 mm, wheelbase – 2700 mm).

Now available KoreanCarBlog were the images of the “charged” version, it is easily identified by twin exhaust pipes, disks and specially designed sports seats in the cabin. By the way, “hot” option is the current sedan, it’s called Sport. However, after the change of generation such modification is expected to receive the prefix N Line.


Current Avante/Elantra Sport is equipped with petrol “turboservice” 1.6 T-GDi with a power of 204 HP and Some Korean media think this motor will retain for the new “charged” sedan. According to another version, the performance of N Line will be offered with a hybrid setup.

As for the “standard” sedan of new generation, and it will likely turn into a hybrid. In addition, the model tipped turbo 1.2 T-GDi (capacity is unknown). The current “cityradio” Avante in Korea is available with petrol “aspirated” 1.6 Smartstream (123 HP) and gas engine 1.6 LPi (120 HP). Used to have a sedan in the domestic market was still the 1.6 turbo diesel e-VGT (136 HP), but its range of removed.

The “normal” model of the new generation in Korea will present in February-March of this year, version N Line to debut in the summer.

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