Hyundai Elantra s probegom can pridbati a loan from 79 UAH. a day!

Hyundai Elantra s probegom can pridbati a loan from 79 UAH. a day!


Shopping-servin Trammel AS propane uncanny mozliwosci redbana automobilu s probegom loan I ogologo about Accini of rasprodazh Hyundai Elantra scho nortown s Core. Exclusion of perevahy purchase at AS, that not proponu godna company:

1) Nili choice is Hyundai Elantra s probegom in Ukraine!

Before buying propanoate avtomobl 2011-2013 years the issue, s probegom from 41 tis. to 165 km yew. km. h 1.6-throwim basenowym the dvigun, automatic transmy I only W will bagatin opcjonalny otnosheny.

2) ODN s nedostupni CN middle automobilu s analogno komplektaciju I rock the issue!

Prices snizhen to 24 000 UAH. I startout from 258 900 UAH.!* It is worth noting, scho price for Novi counterparts in Razi high. So, buying a car s probegom econome Vigne, nadajuci vlasniku riven nadines, I BEZPEKA comfort on the premium run the Hyundai brand.

3) Kupula loan s payment from 79 UAH. a day.**

AS Nada uncanny mozliwosci redbana loan vivalogo automoble. Propanols CLI a number kreditnih programs such Bank, as a Bank, globe, Oschadbank.**

Umovi kredituvannya ODN s naviganti on rinku, CLT got mozliwosci storage mizh chislennymi kreditimi the propositions, up to 90% kreditnih applications pokuptsiv zadovoljstina banks. Decalin umovi kredituvannya can utochniti on the websites of the Bank-partners. From shopping centers AS perhaps otrymaty rozrahunki for payments I tax application for the loan producing.

AS zabezpiecze natinst of proponowanych avtomobil. Skin pokupec Hyundai Elantra Atria in podarunok of strahovi pals from damage ***, scho dozvola bootie itinanim in Ob CT redbana avtomobl not less, than in the new.

Avtomobl Rosmalen, certifcaten I dostupn to purchase in torgovelnyj centers AS on all Ukraine. Note scho AS sakupova avtomobl, only have oftiny predstavnik Zavodu-virobnikiv well in vtmenu Stani. Avtomobl toil zagalnu agregatnoe I Kosovo the base z analogs of z ° C. , Ukraine, scho sotto casual for maybeth vlasniku h away servce obslugovuvannya.

Z Pereval redbana avtomobila s probegom in AS mozhna takozh fidelity mozliwosci purchase a trade-in. Pockepc uridin individuals trimout the povna vcscommand PDV.

Before buying propanoate INSHI brandy that model auto s Pudenda Core I USA: Kia Picanto, KIA Rio, KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tucson/IX35, Hyundai Santa FE, Volkswagen Jetta, Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda 6 Ford Focus I TA I n.

VSI avtomobl dostupn for a test drive.

To know see more about proponowane avtomobl I umovi redbana calling the phone number 0800-50-79-50 (free of charge from stazionari I mobilnih Telefon there Ukraine) ABO on Sait AIS Autotrade.

Warehouse avtomobl of obmezheniy! Aktina znova proposition dіє in AS merezhi in Ukraine all s 01.07.2020 to 31.08.2020 G.

* Ukazana minimalna aktina dinicu price for the product after the mill on 01 lipnya 2020 rock. Fallow od paying automoble prices mozhut varanytsia respectively to the rock issue, problom I komplektaciju. Prices smenyayutsya home whichever from SMN obmennogo the exchange rate of the currency zakopal. For producing pawno nformat verticasa to prodavtsa. Pid vyhodou resumes maximum difference prices mizh price list from 01.06.2020 G. I. G. 01.07.2020

** Services kredituvannya stesnyatsya banks-partners, yaki toil Vdovin lzens of the NBU. More detalno npharmacy about partners I umovi program kredituvannya utochnite have Prodavca ABO on the websites of the Bank partner:,, Scrip payment on the loan on the day rosehaven wiodacy iz zaznachene vartest automoble, pershoho UNESCO 50% and thermo kredituvannya 7 years.

*** Pid podarunki Matisa on Uvas buying insurance palsu from failures in the IC VUSO for 1 UAH. (Board Demicompact No. 2062 from 10/07/2014). Decalin umovi insurance palsu utochnite Strahuvannya – IC VUSO. Terms d proposes s 03.03.2020 to 31.12.2020 G. Actina proposition dіє in shopping centers AS I AIS AutoTrade MST in Kyiv, Sumi. Terms d insurance Polsa 3 MS. or 15 000 km Prabhu.

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