Hyundai has created a mini-electric car for children

Hyundai has created a mini-electric car for children


The basis for the children’s electric car will be the concept car “45”. Its special feature is the unique technology of emotionally adaptive management (EAVC).

With the help of this project, the Korean automaker is going to cheer up young patients in one of the children’s hospitals in Barcelona.

On such a miniature electric car, children will be able to move from the ward to the treatment room. A kind of game will distract kids, for whom any procedure, especially painful, is a great stress.

Thanks to a special algorithm, the mini-electric car can read not only information from the outside, but also data about the smallest driver: facial expressions, respiratory rate, heart rate, etc. Depending on this (as well as speed, vibration, noise, etc.), the electric car adjusts lighting, climate, flavor, music, etc.

The lights will tell you about the emotional state of the baby: the electric car will flicker green, yellow or red. And such an electric car can also blow bubbles.

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