Hyundai has created a new system of shifting of the hybrid

Hyundai has created a new system of shifting of the hybrid

Hyundai Motor company talked about the new Active Shift Control (ASC), designed for hybrids. This active control system for gear changes allows you to combine a very short switching time with his smoothness and stealth. The first ASC will be implemented on the sedan Hyundai Sonata Hybrid last generation. The hybrid version of the “eighth” Sonata appears on the home market in the second half of 2019, and in 2020 – in the United States. And it will be based on the two-liter atmosferica.

In the new system the motor (in the foreground) is installed between the engine and the transmission. Judging from the picture, the latter is some kind of “robot” or a box, structurally reminiscent of the “machine”, but with a set of multi-plate clutches instead of a traditional torque Converter. Interested in ASC?

Recall that circuits hybrid transmissions there is a great variety, and some of the switching stages is not required, doing a combination of planetary gear sets, which are tied to the internal combustion engine and an electric motor (most motors). But technical solutions, when the internal combustion engine and the electric motor is present and transmission, too many (say, a Kona Hybrid models and Hybrid Ioniq mounted six-speed “robot” with two clutches). In the latter cases fast switching has to sacrifice for a softer operation of the transmission. But not in the case of ASC.

Unit HCU uses the software with the “new logic” to precision control motor (action labeled 1) and through it an automatic transmission (2).

In this system, a hybrid control unit Hybrid Control Unit (HCU) 500 times per second measures the frequency of rotation of the electric motor and switches very quickly adjusts his speed so as to coordinate the rate of rotation of the transmission and the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. As a result of the transfer switch can be 30% faster for 350 MS instead of 500 MS, while quietly and with less friction losses (which is at the same time increases the durability of the clutches). Something that reminds technology auto-negotiation speed of the internal combustion engine when it switches from “mechanics” on some models, but only works with the traction motor in the hybrid setup.