Hyundai has created a personal flying machine

Hyundai has created a personal flying machine


Air transport will operate in conjunction with ground-based, facilitating the lives of citizens.

Hyundai Motor company came up with a new aircraft for personal use. It will become part of the concept of “anthropocentric mobility of the future”, which is Korean automaker will introduce at the consumer electronics show (CES) in the United States.

In the presentation of Hyundai in the cities of the future problem of congestion will be addressed through the release into the airspace. The company offers simultaneous use of aircraft, and cars, and set up in different parts of the hubs where these two types of transport will meet. Themselves transfer points is expected to turn into public space. Cars in this scheme are specialized – with greater opportunities for personalization and, of course, a function of auto-pilot.


Except for a single picture, no other details at the moment were not disclosed. The concept will be on display in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January, but in what form – is not clear.

This fall his intention to build a personal aircraft, announced Porsche. It will be a fully electric vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing, with which the automaker will help the Boeing company.

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