Hyundai has developed a retro concept in honor of its first car

Hyundai has developed a retro concept in honor of its first car


Hyundai Motor has opened the Hyundai MotorStudio brand space in Busan, South Korea. The studio is expected to display Hyundai Motor’s design work, as well as a variety of art installations. One of the first exhibits was the Hyundai Pony Heritage Concept, a homage to the mid-70s Pony.

Hyundai Pony is the first mass-produced Korean car. It was launched in 1975. The production electric car Hyundai Ioniq 5, presented in February, has a design inspired by the historical model.

Now the manufacturer has decided to once again remind about his first car. Pony Heritage is a pure design exercise that is a deep tuning of the original Pony. They took a preserved copy as a basis, which was disassembled and built anew – but already on modern units and components. For example, the headlights and lanterns are LED, and foot-mounted cameras are used instead of side mirrors.

Pony Heritage is powered by an electric motor. The characteristics are not published, but it doesn’t matter – the car is unlikely to drive out often.

The interior was also re-created, but in the style of the original. The instrument cluster is a series of gas discharge indicators in the style of a lamp clock.

Hyundai Pony Heritage is built in a single copy, there are no plans for serial production.

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