Hyundai has patented “smart” cruise control

Hyundai has patented “smart” cruise control


The Korean automaker has introduced a system of artificial intelligence that analyzes the behavior of the driver.

The concern Hyundai Motor Group recently announced the completion of the world’s first “smart” cruise control that is capable of machine learning. This system is able to self-learn, dynamically analyzing behavioral scenarios.


The new development was named SCC-ML, which stands for Smart Cruise Control (active cruise control) and Machine Learning (machine learning). Its main distinguishing feature from conventional systems that support the set speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead, is the possibility of learning the actions of the driver.

Analysis of the behavior of the driver is carried out by continuous data collection using the front camera and radar. Thanks to this artificial intelligence is the behavioral scripts and about 10 thousand scenarios of possible developments, which allow cruise control to be prepared for any situation.

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For example, SCC-ML recognizes that the car traffic in city traffic, so reducing the distance to the car in front, and on the highway with increasing speed the distance, on the contrary, will increase. In combination with lane departure on motorways, which helps when rebuilding, the new system provides a new level of autonomy according to the classification of SAE, which is designated as Level 2.5.

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