Hyundai has prepared a new E-GMP platform for electric cars

Hyundai has prepared a new E-GMP platform for electric cars


Officially, the capabilities of the new platform will be shown on Wednesday, October 21. And the first car that will appear on it will debut in early 2021.

The South Korean company Hyundai is going to present a new platform for electric cars called E-GMP. On the eve of the high-profile premiere, a representative of Hyundai shared a teaser. The main feature of the new “cart” will be the possibility of using exclusively electric motors.

Therefore, the premiere will open a new page for the Korean brand. It is also planned to build self-driving cars on the new platform. And the debut car will be the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which should be shown in early 2021. Another important part of the novelty is the short overhang and extended forward hood – this arrangement allows you to maximize the space in the cabin.

Also, cars built on the E-GMP platform will have a completely new design, which should help attract even more buyers.

Hyundai has already said that it was testing a four-wheel-drive version of the car – in this case, the more powerful engine was installed on the rear axle.

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