Hyundai has published a teaser trailer hydrogen truck

Hyundai has published a teaser trailer hydrogen truck


South Korean technology, dubbed Neptune, after the Roman God of the sea, will be officially launched on October 29 this year. Technical details about the car is that kept a secret.

Just a few days ago, our newspaper wrote that the representatives of the company Hyundai has registered a new trademark of Neptune. Now it is known that the South Korean automaker is planning to introduce the concept of electric truck which will receive the designation HDC-6 Neptune. The novelty with zero emissions running on hydrogen, will debut on 29 October in Atlanta (USA).

Judging by the teaser, the appearance of a new truck will have a design inspired by streamliner trains of the 1930s years. The arched upper part of the car is executed in style ar-Deko, and the bottom is reminiscent of futurliner General Motors. Blue led light strip extends from the front to the back of the truck, and there is a highlighted circle that is probably the fuel tank cap.


At the moment the technical specs are hidden in secret, as the details of whether Hyundai plans to introduce the production version of the concept or not.

Another rendering provided by Hyundai, shows the interior of the concept, where there are several screens and steering wheel with a single spoke including the emergency lighting. The salon is decorated in a minimalist style, apparently devoid of any conventional buttons and knobs and uses a couple of screens on the sides of the windscreen frame acting as mirrors.

Also noticeable giant head-up display, showing lots of details about the fuel cell, as well as information about the weather and your connected phone. Downstairs is an area for storage, like a suitcase.

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