Hyundai has set a speed record for hybrids and hydrogen vehicles

Hyundai has set a speed record for hybrids and hydrogen vehicles


Hyundai reported attempts to set two speed records on the surface of the salt lake Bonneville in the United States among hybrid cars and among cars with hydrogen propulsion. At the moment the South Korean company expects an official confirmation of developments in the International automobile Federation (FIA).

So, at the end of September crossover Hyundai Nexo, equipped with propulsion with hydrogen fuel cells, could accelerate on the dry lakebed in Utah to 170,848 miles per hour. Record car completed upgraded aerodynamic bumper, roll cage, fire system and restitutionem belt.

The record among benzoelektrosila machines was installed on the hybrid Sonata sedan new generation. The structure of the power plant includes two-liter internal combustion engine capacity of 152 power, which is paired with a 52-horsepower electric motor. The impact of the combined plant is 195 horsepower.


Hyundai Sonata Hybrid for Bonneville was equipped with a new intake manifold, upgraded suspension, recalibrated electronic control unit and injection system nitrous oxide. As fuel used high octane racing fuel. In the end, the sedan was able to show the maximum speed in 265,009 km per hour.

Both cars ran the head of Department of development of the new engines Hyundai Dean Clingman. Record-breaking car will be displayed in early November at the tuning festival SEMA in Las Vegas.

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