Hyundai has trimmed its new “sports car”

Hyundai has trimmed its new “sports car”


Fresh these photos are not to call. They are made at the beginning of the year during testing of the prototype Hyundai i20 N in Swedish Arjeplog popular among manufacturers place test future innovations the harsh frosts, snow and ice.

Officially announced that the company has taken there sports prototypes to verify their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. In the tests, in addition to “civil” i20 N participated and “combat” car for the world rally championship i20 WRC, as well as the experimental mid-engine Hyundai RM19 – a kind of “laboratory on wheels” (which can be serial). They were testing prototypes party factory rally team winning rider Thierry Neuville.

According to the manufacturer, the athlete praised the merits of the i20 N, naming a sports car an interesting, accurate and easy to manage. However, the technical details the company prefers not to go by posting only images of the camouflaged prototype. Judging from the photos, the exterior of the hatchback will find the traditional for such cases, the transformation to a more aggressive bumper, large wheels with powerful brakes and reduced ground clearance.


It is also unknown what kind of engine will get a sports car. According to one version, for Hyundai i20 N will employ the familiar two-liter “four” turbo, developing up to 275 HP On the other to maintain distance from “the elder” hat-hatch i30 N, a more affordable model will complement more compact and lightweight motor – most likely, a 200-strong unit volume of 1.6 L.

Hyundai promises to declassify all the details in the near future – apparently, this summer. To compete the new product will, for example, Ford Fiesta ST, Toyota Yaris GR, even with the “hot” versions of hatchbacks MINI.

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