Hyundai i30N: Tested on Road and Track

Hyundai i30N: Tested on Road and Track


Hyundai has finally made a proper, proper hot hatch, the i30N. Magazine’s Ollie Marriage tests it at the world’s favourite proving ground – the ‘Ring’ – and attempts some mountain roads. Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

you probably recognize this it’s the new Hyundai i30 n hot hatch we are at very exclusively and excitingly high-end eyes Development Center at the Nurburgring and the reason we have all these boxes here is that we’re not allowed to show you what’s on the other side of them the i30 n comes in two versions both powered by a 2-liter turbo and driving the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox the standard car has 247 horsepower for just under 25 grand this car is the end performance version which for three grand more has 271 horsepower bigger 19-inch wheels stronger brakes different steering and final drive ratios a removable brace bar in the boot and a proper electronically controlled mechanical death out there is the Nurburgring I think that’ll be our first stop not sixty to 6.1 seconds top speed 155 miles an hour I should be out there right now but I’m not because it’s an industry pull lap session and I can’t go on until the tourists laps start in about an hour’s time but this test is not just about driving the i30 n on the Nurburgring because hot hatches don’t live on the Nurburgring they live in the real world so after this we are going to go and drive it on motorways on country roads and we’re going to finish up in the mountains so two things are strike me about this car early on one of which is how stiff the chassis is which is lovely is really feels very taut and precise and the other thing is how it actually feels bit form to do that solo stuff so that was really interesting I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking this on to the Nurburgring because it was developed here and it’s always interesting to see where people have developed cars and drive them where they’ve been developed but they haven’t just developed it on the circuit here they’ve developed it on all the roads around here they’ve developed it in different countries they’ve developed it on the gross lot and the mountain part where we’re going to go tomorrow we’re on the Autobahn we’re not in a bit of delimited Autobahn at the moment there have been bits but it’s busy because it’s just tail end of rush hour now we’ve been on the road about five hours already we are approaching Munich and we’ve still got 200 miles or so to go down to the grass Glockner the cars doing really well it’s very comfortable seats are really good the driving position is excellent what I particularly like is they made a real point of making sure that the driving position whether you had the electric seats or the manual seats is exactly the same so the seats not any higher in the electric seat version which is great the throttles very steady the cars very stable it doesn’t do anything frightening at all the ride is quite firm as I think I mentioned on the Nurburgring yesterday it is quite firmly sprung it’s all a bit of a surprise but I think that is exactly what Honda is going for even when you’re on the motorway you can feel it being detective Lee a little bit firm a little bit different and I think that’s quite encouraging actually I quite like that I like the fact that high end I has decided right now we’re not just going to copy a Golf GTI we’re going to try and be our own thing and so it is it’s quite it’s got that inherent sportiness to it if I just press this button here and go into sport mode you can probably hear the noise change and also if I left off pops and banks we’ve encountered a bit of a setback that’s the gross Glockner Tollbooth to get onto the mountain road just driven 500 miles across Germany and all the red X’s tell their own story they’ve closed the pass because it’s raining here it’s snowing not much higher up we’re gonna need a plan B it’s that van hour and a half later we’ve managed to go and get some snow chains the lady at the desk is a little bit funny go credit card I’ve got snow chains please she’s gonna let us go on a and the i30 n is a proper hot hatch the steering has real neat inaccuracy turning it strong the front axle midnight the brakes are great underfoot the gear changes captain differential is tenacious three tight corners there’s barely any body roll there’s even a pseudo anti-lag system to keep a turbo spinning an improved throttle response criticisms just listening ride in a sense that the car could easily handled more than 270 horsepower but it’s genuinely impressive it’s got an edge and a sharpness that puts it in the same camp as the Civic type-r a new Renault Sport Magan so the thing about the grouse Klockner is it’s a mega driving road it’s not just a load of switchbacks it goes on for miles and miles there’s very little traffic there’s a beautiful selection of corners and that thing did really really well it’s a very interesting cart it’s much sporty than you expect and it’s much better than you expect that surprised me a bit actually it’s got its very sharp it’s got sharp brakes sharp steering okay a lot of it is all under electronic control but you get a good feel from the car it feels tight and tied down and it gives you a lot of confidence so yesterday evening when we were driving up and down in when those conditions were only wet it felt very planted and very secure and stable this morning on the ice we’re not really playing with it much yet it’s a bit too slippery to be fair

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