Hyundai introduced the European version of the i10 hatchback

Hyundai introduced the European version of the i10 hatchback


Not so long ago, Hyundai introduced the hatchback for the Indian market called the Grand i10 Nios. Indian car differs from the European one stretched base, a slightly different design of the exterior / interior, more simple materials and, of course, more modest equipment.

The European i10 is an analogue of the KIA Picanto, presented two years earlier. In addition to the common platform of the car hire share the same powerplant and a 5-speed mechanics. But the classic 4-step “machine” the i10 will not be – will take its place robotic korbka AMT with a single clutch and five gears. However, if we ignore the technical part, visually the models differ quite dramatically.

Designers have significantly worked on appearance, making the image of “Ah-Ten” at the same time minimise and aggressive.

Compared to the previous generation, the new i10 added only 5 mm in length (3670 mm) but the wheelbase was stretched by as much as 40 mm and 2425 mm is that 100% will have a positive impact on the space in the cabin. Compact hatch was 20 mm wider (1680 mm) and lower (1480 mm) predecessor.

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