Hyundai introduced the “prophetic” electric concept without a rudder

Hyundai introduced the “prophetic” electric concept without a rudder


The South Korean manufacturer Hyundai held an online broadcast, in which unveiled an electric concept car Prophecy (“Prophecy”). The car is a concept of the future design philosophy of the brand.

The new prototype follows last year’s electric concept 45 EV. However, for the year of the car has lost the complex forms in favor of clean simple lines and minimal design, which in the future will seek the Koreans when creating production models.

However, some elements from the predecessor, the novelty is borrowed – for example, a pixel lights. In concert Prophecy they are used in the head and rear optics, and also integrated into the spoiler. The company argued that this decision will soon begin to appear in production cars.


The concept has received sleek teardrop silhouette with a sloping roofline in the spirit of the sports car Porsche 911, transparent spoiler and radiator grille built into the rear bumper. In the cabin four individual seats, access to it is via a hinged door, and in order to facilitate access designers even removed the b pillar.

Since the car was conceived as a drone, traditional controls on the Central console. Instead of steering on both sides, driver’s seat mounted joysticks, and the role of dashboard went in stretching the entire front panel digital display.

Conceptual electric car was supposed to debut at the opening of the Geneva motor show, but it was canceled in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. In the end the South Korean automaker has decided to hold an online broadcast at the same time that Prophecy was alive to show to the public.

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