Hyundai Ioniq 5 review: 300bhp dual-motor Tesla rival tested

Hyundai Ioniq 5 review: 300bhp dual-motor Tesla rival tested


The Ioniq 5 might look like a 1980s hot hatch mixed with a dash of concept car and a splash of DeLorean, but what we have here is Hyundai’s first completely bespoke EV. Target? Sideswipe Tesla, mug the VW ID family, and start the Ioniq EV family on the path to world domination. Muahaha. How? Well, let’s Ollie Kew explain… Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: . ly/TGGMS20​First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

in the olden days the only reason that you would have bought a hyundai was well you probably wouldn’t have bought hyundai the only reason your grandma bought one was because it had a five year warranty and hyundai is now working very very hard to change that they’re going rallying they’ve built some fantastic hot hatchbacks and now it reckons it can take on the toughest job in the whole car industry and that is build an electric tesla rival that you will want to own now it’s called the ionic five and i’m no mathematician but i reckon that means that if this thing is a success then there’ll be smaller ionic twos or threes and maybe a bigger ionic six or seven now i don’t know about you but when i first saw the pictures of this thing it played tricks on my head i couldn’t work out if it was a tiny titchy little city car like a hungary or something much bigger it’s actually longer and wider and just a little bit less tall than a range rover evoke it’s a big family crossover and that’s because underneath it’s based on hyundai’s all-new electric car platform so you know the drill batteries down here floor gets higher room for five people inside and a big boot okay now we’ll go through all the big nerdy numbers in a minute but first we need to have a talk about the design of this thing don’t we because it’s like a 1980s hot hatchback that’s come back from the future up front there’s a kind of grill that only appears when lights shine through the front panel the doors look like my first ever attempt to ironing my school uniform and at the back there’s hundreds and hundreds of leds giving it a kind of angry robot vibe now what’s interesting about this is hyundai hasn’t done what almost every other car maker has done when trying to build an electric car they haven’t played it safe and tried not to scare you away from the future they’ve deliberately built a head turner so now it’s got your attention let’s get the cold hard numbers out of the way the first choice to make is how big a battery you want either a 54 kilowatt hour in the base model for 72.6 kilowatt hours if you’re going to upgrade then there’s a choice of motors either rear wheel drive with 167 horsepower good for naught to 60 in about eight and a half seconds or twin dual motors meaning four-wheel drive just over 300 horsepower and not to 60 in 5.2 seconds depending on which combination you go for you’re going to be good for up to 290 miles of claimed range or north of 60 in about five seconds now instead of continuing to pretend it’s the 1980s inside the ioniq 5 hyundai’s just gone ahead and built well your lounge these seats have a built-in foot rest and they can recline flat like a bed so you can have a nap while the car’s recharging up front i’ve got two 12.3 inch screens this one’s a touch sensitive screen with my apple android connectivity here i’ve got my driving information so i can see my range and how much power is going to each motor and then down here a touch sensitive display with the heater and climate controls now this one is a pre-production prototype so it might be a little bit rough around the edges but i have to say for certain high-end eye badge snobs they might be a bit impressed to get in here and find that hyundai’s luxury electric car is better built than they might expect now what has done is maximize those juicy advantages that building a bespoke electric car brings you and you don’t have to package a big bulky engine or a gearbox or a hot exhaust so look flat floor that allows the center console to slide backwards and forwards then there’s the wheelbase that’s the distance between the front wheels and the back wheels that’s three meters long in the ionic five that’s longer than the wheelbase of a bmw 5 series and the result of that means that six foot me can sit behind six foot me’s driving position and look i’ve got loads of knee room and foot room and headroom and there’s still plenty of space behind me for a big boot and a secret locker to hide the charging cable it’s been well thought out in here as for price all we’ve been able to look around so far is a tricked out kind of first edition that should be about 45 000 pounds but the main ioniq 5 range will be priced so it sits just above the kona electric in hyundai’s uk family now because this ionic 5 is strictly a pre-production prototype and it’s quite precious i’m probably not supposed to be whizzing about on a country lane but you seem like a trustworthy type so i won’t tell if you won’t i think the first thing you’ll notice when you’re out here in the real world in an ionic five is just how high up you sit i know we said earlier this thing is kind of like a normal crossover that’s pretending to be a lower hatchback but you just sit up tall you can see over hedges and you sit eye to eye with van drivers handling’s well straight out of the modern electric car textbook really you can sense the weights nice and low down you’ve got really light accurate steering nothing especially kind of entertaining but it’s just an efficient and easy way of getting about the ride is exceptional four levels of regen i can adjust those on the paddles so for city driving there is a kind of one pedal mode just lift off and the car will come to a smart stop putting as much power as you can back into the battery or there we go i’ve just erased that and now the car will coast foot completely off the throttle and it’s just taking me along like we’re being pushed by the wind north to 60 and 5.2 seconds for this one and predictably feels pretty quick in that typically seamless effortless but not particularly dramatic electric car way i’ve got a button on the steering wheel here that can change between eco and sport mode yep that definitely feels a little bit more sprightly but yeah you’re not gonna be swapping this for an i30n it’s not a sporty high-end eye so the ionic five is sized and kind of performance-matched to go head-to-head with stuff like the volkswagen id4 and there’s the ford mustang mac e and of course the tesla’s the model 3 and the model y so what’s going to set this car apart from those guys well it’s probably the charging infrastructure that’s the infrastructure on board the car you see this car has got 800 volt charging capacity and the only other electric car in the world that offers that right now is the porsche thai cam so why is that interesting well for a start it means that if you can find a 350 kilowatt very rapid charger this thing will go from 10 to 80 charged in just 18 minutes but it’s also about the way you can reuse the charge you’ve already got so if you’ve got a friend with an electric car and they call you and they say oh help i’ve broken down you need to come and rescue me turn up in your ioniq 5 plug in a lead between the two cars and the ioniq five can actually gift charge to another stranded electric car or even this you could go camping say your friend says oh we’ve bought a fridge but nowhere to plug it in and now the beer’s getting warm no problem you plug the fridge into the ionic 5 and you can run a household appliance from it there’s even a gimmick and this is where i start to struggle with some of these ideas a little bit but maybe it’s the future apparently what you can do if you’ve got a full charge and you almost don’t need it is sell power that you’ve already got in the battery back to the national grid at kind of peak demand times you could almost rent out the charge you’ve already got now that could be a really cool plan but i think i’d be waiting for the public charging infrastructure to improve to be a lot more reliable than it currently is before i start gifting and giving away my precious range so that’s given you a quick look all around and a cheeky test drive of the ionic five and what have you learned well obviously hyundai still knows how to do all the boring and the practical stuff well enough to impress your nan but more than that you’ve just watched all the way to the end of a review of a korean hatchback and that proves that anything is desirable when it looks this retro and edgy you

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