Hyundai Ioniq 5 will receive a sports version of the N

Hyundai Ioniq 5 will receive a sports version of the N


The Korean automaker has launched a sports version of its Ioniq 5 electric car with the letter N in the name for road tests. Photospin caught a novelty near the Nürburgring.

A sports electric car will soon appear in the Hyundai N family. The Korean brand is developing a new electric crossover Ioniq 5 N. One of the test prototypes was caught by the spies near the famous Nürburgring race track.

Ioniq 5 itself has recently appeared at European dealers of the brand. The novelty was the first among Hyundai models to test the e-GMP platform, which was created specifically for electric cars. The main competitor of the announced Ioniq 5 N is the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX.

As for the prototype of the future novelty noticed by photo spies, at first it is difficult to distinguish it from the usual Ioniq 5. However, if you look closely, you begin to notice fundamental differences.

Thus, the sports electric car will receive original wheels, redesigned suspension, and a new braking system.

The design of the electric car will be complemented with the corporate stylistic details of the N-division of the brand to emphasize its dynamics and sportiness. Such an electric car will receive a twin-engine electric power plant and four-wheel drive.

Currently, the most powerful version of the Ioniq 5 demonstrates a return of 306 hp. Ioniq 5 N should get a more efficient motor. While work on a sports electric car is at an early stage. Therefore, do not expect that the new product will reach dealers before 2023.

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