Hyundai is in a hurry for the Tesla: faster work on autopilot 4 level

Hyundai is in a hurry for the Tesla: faster work on autopilot 4 level


Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv planned joint venture for the development of systems of self-driving in the last year. The new company is called “Motional”.

The Hyundai company and Aptiv are going to accelerate the development of more advanced autopilots. This will help them specially created for this purpose of the joint venture, which will create commercial systems for Autonomous driving of 4-level.

Recall that in this ambitious project was invested about 4 billion dollars. Moreover, each partner will own a 50 percent stake in. It is known that the technology center of the new company will be located in Seoul. Here will pass the test of future autopilots, without which it would be difficult to imagine a modern car.


So, in 2022, the joint venture intends to offer innovative autopilot systems and related technology robotaxi operators, fleets, etc.

In General, however, the company plans Motional – make an issue of this kind of Autonomous platforms, mass.

Previously, our portal said that with a full autopilot the cost of the Tesla will grow twice. Thus, according to estimates by Elon musk, a full autopilot 5th level will cost a decent amount – about 100 thousand dollars.

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