Hyundai is preparing a response to the new S-Class from Mercedes

Hyundai is preparing a response to the new S-Class from Mercedes


Hyundai’s Genesis brand is testing the next generation of its flagship sedan, the G90, to challenge the top echelon of the German troika. The first photo of a Korean four-door interior has appeared on the web, revealing its equipment.

As seen in the photo published by the Korean edition of The KCB, the interior of the new Genesis G90 will receive a completely redesigned design with digital tidy, an exposed visor, a touch-sensitive climate control unit, and a different steering wheel.

The technical equipment of the car is still kept secret, but the Korean media are confident that under the hood of the future competitor BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class will install a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V8, which was previously received by the GV80 crossover. There it produces 375 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. In addition, the model will have an all-electric version, which should compete for buyers with the BMW i7 and Mercedes-Benz EQS, but it is still in the development stage.

The new G90 is expected to receive the latest in autonomous driving technology, which will be available for the rest of the Genesis lineup in the future.

The premiere of the novelty is scheduled for next year. The premium sedan will go on sale closer to 2023.

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