Hyundai is preparing a revolution in the field of hydrogen

Hyundai is preparing a revolution in the field of hydrogen


Korean company Hyundai promises to bring more opportunities with the introduction of new hydrogen fuel cell models. The Korean giant aims to become a leader in this area over the next few years.

Earlier, Hyundai joined Shell in developing the hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California. The cooperation implies the construction of 48 stations starting in 2021. Joint development within the framework of the Neptune project will dramatically reduce a certain shortage of such points and, plus everything, will create new jobs. Further expansion will allow Koreans to focus on developing new hydrogen models. The California government is also interested in this and provides all possible support for the plans of Hyundai and Shell.

In turn, South Korea intends to dramatically increase the production of hydrogen fuel cells. At the moment, the plant in the city of Incheon produces about 23 thousand of these cells. It is promised that in the near future the number will dramatically increase to 100 thousand. This will make it possible to dramatically accelerate the introduction of such power plants not only in cars, but also in other types of transport. Hyundai is already considering using hydrogen in trains, boats, excavators and even generators.

One of the most important tasks is to find the possibilities of using fuel cells in the maximum amount of various equipment in order to dramatically reduce the cost of production. This is a very worthy alternative to pure electric vehicles, but a number of parameters do not yet allow the massive use of hydrogen.

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