Hyundai-Kia Motors presented the “virtual process development”

Hyundai-Kia Motors presented the “virtual process development”


At the head office, design office, Hyundai has introduced a new virtual reality system, with which engineers can assess the design quality of the future car.

For the development of automobiles have created several applications. With their help, designers and engineers will be able to assess the quality of the car even before its Assembly.

Once the VR system is fully implemented in the working processes of the plant, the management of Hyundai is expecting a serious production improvement. Thus, the development time of the car according to their estimates should be reduced by 20 percent, and the annual cost of designing by 15%.

With the help of virtual reality glasses automotive designers and engineers can literally get in the future car. The system simulates exterior and interior designs, lighting, colors, materials, and even creates a virtual environment. It can also simulate the operation of the doors, trunk lid or windshield wipers.


Now the technology is applied only on the South Korean factory, and at the same time to use VR-system for up to 20 people. In the future, Hyundai wants to create the possibility of remote access to the development could use the design centres around the world.

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