Hyundai or KIA? Unknown prototype spotted on roads

Hyundai or KIA? Unknown prototype spotted on roads


On the roads in South Korea, a prototype of an unknown crossover was photographed, which may later be presented under the Hyundai or KIA brand. It is not yet known what kind of model it could be.

Firstly, it is worth noting that at the moment there is only an initial stage of testing, since the prototype does not even have taillights. Secondly, we immediately exclude the Tucson and Sportage crossovers with both short and extended wheelbases. Thirdly, if you pay attention to the nearby cars and compare their dimensions, you can understand that the prototype is definitely larger than the KIA K5 / Optima.

Judging by the C-pillar and the contour of the glazing in its area, the crossover has a three-row cabin layout. Based on all the data and reasoning, it can be assumed that the picture captures either a prototype of a new model for the Chinese market, or the next generation Hyundai Santa Fe preparing to release ahead of schedule.

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