Hyundai patented the steering wheel with a screen

Hyundai patented the steering wheel with a screen


A Korean brand has filed a patent in Germany. The document is intended to protect the rights to design a new type of steering wheel – with a built-in dashboard. There will also be an airbag in such a steering wheel.

According to the publication Carbuzz, which provided its vision of how the steering wheel of a new sample in Hyundai models could look, the patent describes in great detail the process of how the airbag is triggered without destroying the display: from everything it turns out that it is only clear that different mounts.

There are doubts about the convenience and safety of this type of dashboard, because it requires a larger viewing angle than in the case of standard instrument placement. This increases the time the driver looks off the road.

It is possible that the new type of steering wheel is supposed to be installed on cars with a high degree of autonomy, where it is permissible to take your mind off the road.

Hyundai has experimented with touch controls for the steering wheel in the past, but this latest patent is more about tracking important vehicle information rather than media controls.

Hyundai’s luxury sub-brand, Genesis, previously featured the Mint concept, which also featured a large display on the steering wheel. Can we see a production Hyundai or Genesis with this feature anytime soon? Filing a patent does not necessarily mean this will happen.

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