Hyundai plans to fight Tesla using Samsung

Hyundai plans to fight Tesla using Samsung


The agreement between these two South Korean companies have already achieved. It is expected that without charging new electric car can travel about 800 kilometers.

Hyundai and Samsung are going to combine knowledge and resources for the production of electric cars with a big “dalnegorskiy”. The agreement on cooperation in this sphere has been achieved. The talks were held on rechargeable Samsung SDI factory in Cheonan city, located 80 kilometers South of Seoul. In the meeting, the parties discussed, in particular, a new generation of battery technology. The sides shared the best practices and lessons learned in the development of batteries.


So, back in March 2020 Samsung SDI showed a high performance solid state battery. With its help, without charging the electric car can cover a distance of 800 kilometers. The number of charge cycles here exceeds 1 000.

Currently battery electric and hybrid models Hyundai put the company LG Chem and SK Innovation. About terms of emergence of new batteries for a “long-range” electric vehicle has not reported. Recall, American and European car markets today, you can find the Hyundai electricross Kona, whose reserve on the EPA cycle reaches 415 km.

Meanwhile, the Chinese startup Aiways managed to make batteries for electric cars safer. The Chinese introduced the battery pack with a sandwich structure. It consists of battery cells, the cooling and insulating plate. It provides additional isolation and protection of the module against leakage of the coolant.

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