Hyundai recalls more than 116 thousand cars because of defective airbags

Hyundai recalls more than 116 thousand cars because of defective airbags


Faulty airbags Hyundai became the reason of the beginning of large-scale revocable campaign, which included more than 116 000 cars models including i30 and Palisade.

According to the Ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and Japan, Hyundai produced and sold 116 490 cars, which have defective mite security.

It turned out that 78 729 models of the i30, which was released in January of 2007 to September 2011, pillow unfolded, even in cases when they should not have been triggered. The entry for the free repair in service center of Hyundai and Blue Hands was launched on 1 November this year.


The Japanese brand has also confirmed that 34 861 Palisade, which was produced from last November to August of the current year, the curtain airbag may interfere with the mounting bolts, causing full deployment. Free repair Palisade is also carried out by the service centre of Hyundai and Blue Hands on the first day of the current month.

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At 2903 instances Sonata Hybrid, produced from July to October this year, fire warning lights in connection with interference between the control wiring and heating hose, which could lead to the shutdown of the power unit. Model it was possible to get it repaired from October 24.

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