Hyundai revealed a new type of airbag

Hyundai revealed a new type of airbag


Hyundai Motor Group has developed a new type of airbag. Airbag unfolds between the driver and passenger in the front row, preventing possible head trauma.

Central side airbag is side-mounted driver’s seat and works as usual – when it encounters a blow. For its production uses a new patented technology that allows you to retain a sufficient level of strength, at the same time reducing the size and weight. Airbag 500 grams lighter and much leaner competitors ‘ offers that gives designers more freedom in designing the shape of the seats.


The installation of such pillows will help Hyundai to show a good result in a new series of tests Euro NCAP, which from 2020 will be to assess the safety of the vehicle during a side impact. With their help it is possible to achieve 80 percent reduction in the likelihood of head injuries – according to statistics, the share of secondary injuries caused by the collision of the driver and passenger, is 45 per cent (data from the Association of European automakers).

Previously, the company ZF has demonstrated an experimental system of external airbags. Arbage to inflate immediately before a side kick: the control module reads the information from the sensors, lidar, and cameras and decides about the triggering of the airbag 150 milliseconds.

Enough now protected the driver and passenger in the front row?

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