Hyundai revealed the design of the new Elantra on video

Hyundai revealed the design of the new Elantra on video


The company announced the exact date of the premiere, and the approximate time of the beginning of global sales.

The model has survived planned restyling recently, but Hyundai has decided not to proceed with the transformation of its most popular family. “Elantra” since the launch back in 1990 sold around the world circulation of more than 13.8 million copies, which gives Hyundai the full right to take the best-selling model.

And with the change of generations the Elantra once again radically change form: required signature stylistic standards. Judging from the first video teaser and a vague accompanying communiqué, the sedan will be closer to “chetyrehdverny coupe” and will receive a very ambiguous look with a lot of sharp edges and unexpected punch. Will get Elantra and signature honeycomb grille.


Published and the first image of the interior, which is frankly minimal. Dominate the architecture of the driver’s seat large-screen multimedia system and an impressive beam connecting box in the armrest with the center console. Perhaps it should be considered a hint more driversi the nature of future trends. Another feature that is not evident – the almost complete lack of physical buttons, although inside a “live” Elantra, the situation may be different.

Debuting the Hyundai Elantra new generation in a week, 17 Mar. The premiere is to be expected will take place in North America: a specially organized event held in West Hollywood and will be broadcast online. To begin selling the new Hyundai promises in September.

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On the Ukrainian market the current version of Hyundai Elantra is equipped with engines of 1.6 and 2.0-liter paired with a six-speed “mechanics” or with six-speed automatic transmission. Prices start from 17,000 dollars.

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