Hyundai revealed the first photos of the interior i20 of the third generation

Hyundai revealed the first photos of the interior i20 of the third generation


Hyundai has shared the first photo of the interior i20 of the third generation. Compared with the predecessor, the interior has changed completely: “twenty” got a new wheel, a virtual instrument panel, 10.25-inch screen entertainment complex and contour lighting.

Conceptual interior of i20 close to the Sonata sedan eighth generation: new common chetyrehspitsevy steering wheel, combined in a single unit 10.25-inch digital display instrument panel and the multimedia complex, the architecture of the ducts.

The key difference – making unit the climate control. Sonata for adjustment of separate climate organized through the washer and i20 used a simple circuit with the selectors, temperature and intensity of airflow.


With the change of generations, the hatchback has acquired a more high-quality finishing materials, a Bose sound system with seven speakers, wireless charging for your smartphone. The graphics are drawn, scale of the instrument changes depending on a choice of driving modes, and multimedica has an eight-inch touchscreen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Last week, Hyundai revealed the new i20 exterior and the engine range: the hatchback will be sold with the liter “turbotrain” with a capacity of 100 or 120 horsepower, as well as “aspirated” 1.2 capacity of 84 horsepower.

The basic unit is combined with five-speed “mechanics”, the turbo engine can be combined with 6-speed manual transmission or 7-speed “robot”. For the top version available moderately-hybrid powerplant.

Premiere of the Hyundai i20 will be held in Geneva next week. Probably where the manufacturer will reveal the timetable for the emergence of innovations in key markets and price list. In “the twenty” new generation to sell not planning.

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