Hyundai Santa Fe and KIA Sorento will go on electric traction during the year


Group Hyundai-KIA electrificare SUV Santa Fe, Tucson and Sorento. Version with electric motors appears in several crossovers Korean company for 2020, and gamma replenished and reasonable, and rechargeable hybrids. In 2021, KIA will release the first “pure” electric car, which has no equivalent of the internal combustion engine.

Korean Association of Hyundai Motor Group plans to significantly expand the proportion of electrified models by 2025. For five years, the lineup of Hyundai-Kia will replenish 13 moderate hybrids, six gasoline-electric versions with charging from the mains, 23 electric cars to traditional batteries and two carts running on hydrogen fuel.


The hybrid version of the Hyundai Santa Fe, Tuscon and the fourth-generation KIA Sorento will enter the market in 2020. The head of the European branch of Kia Motors Emilio Herrera stressed that the new Sorento will appear at least two electrified version, with one modification you can recharge from the wall outlet.

The idea of the prototype by Imagine KIA will be implemented in a serial electric car, which will be released in 2021. Crossover will lose the charm of the interior 21 to the display on the front panel but keep the General design concept. By 2024, Hyundai-Kia expects to develop a specific platform for electric vehicles.

To increase the number of electrified versions of the group Hyundai-KIA forced by new environmental rules that will come into force in 2021.

The boss of the European division of Kia expects by this time to bring the annual sale of “pure” electric cars to 40 thousand copies – in this case, the Korean concern will not have to pay fines for exceeding the average rate of emissions of carbon dioxide.

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