Hyundai shared their plans for the future

Hyundai shared their plans for the future


This year, Hyundai Motor will introduce a large number of new cars and SUVs on the platform of the third generation. Starting with the new Sonata, which was presented ??last year, a new generation of Avante, the updated Santa Fe and the new Tucson (for NX4), the production of which is scheduled for April.

Genesis not so long ago presented its first crossover GV80. Later there will be a brand new GV70 and the next generation is G90, but it will not happen before 2021. Also, the automaker has announced the debut next year of the new crossover and CUV. All these new cars will not only reduce cost but also improve ride quality, technology and increase safety.


Hyundai Motor has reduced the number of platforms from 10 in 2005 to 6. There are several types of platforms of the 3rd gen: light, medium, large, rear-wheel drive, large rear-wheel drive and compact. Platform 3rd generation is a platform for the next generation, which can operate not only with internal combustion engines, but future vehicles such as electric cars that can use rechargeable high capacity batteries.

The weight of the car body is reduced by 55 kg thanks to lightweight construction with high stiffness and average stiffness is increased by 10% to improve handling, provide fuel economy and safety in collisions. The new platform can achieve the effect of reducing development costs through sharing components.

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