Hyundai showed off the electric car in retro style


South Korean automaker Hyundai has published the first teaser of the concept 45 EV, which will premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt on 10 September 2019. The electrical design of the show car inspired by the first models of the brand, produced in 70-ies of the last century.

In the Hyundai company 45 EV is described as a “symbolic milestone for the future design of electric vehicles,” which also demonstrates the development of brand language, brand Sensuous Sportiness – “sensual sportiness”. Judging by the picture of the car, it combines elements of retro style and modern technology, and there is a hint of “sportiness” – spoiler on the roof.


On a technical stuffing of the concept of details yet. The only thing mentioned in the Hyundai is on all-electric power plant 45 EV.

A similar model – electric hatchback with a retro design, recently appeared in the Arsenal of Honda. In movement it leads a 110-kilowatt electric motor (150 forces and over 300 Nm of torque) powered by a traction battery capacity of 35.5 kWh. Per charge electric car travels about 200 kilometers.

A feature of the car, in addition to appearance, five screens, which display information about the work setting and the image from the outdoor cameras. E Honda is already available for order to residents of several countries, including the UK, Germany, France and Norway.

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