Hyundai showed the main nightmare of motorists

Hyundai showed the main nightmare of motorists


High-performance sub-brand Hyundai N has released a hilarious Halloween video. What could be the biggest fear for a tanker? Hyundai N claims that enthusiasts are afraid of nothing, or at least almost nothing.

From the very first seconds, the viewer is immersed in the tense atmosphere of classic horror. On the clock of the surveillance camera 22:31, the girl gets out of bed, about to take a night car ride on Halloween, but unfortunately the electricity in the house was turned off. Fortunately, the flashlight in her mobile phone works, the heroine goes through dark rooms in search of the car key – a “charged” Elantra N. sedan.

It seems that the dwelling is crammed up to the roof with otherworldly forces and paranormal phenomena. A doll with bloody lips sits on a chair under a sweater, a headless jester dangles on the stairs, a portrait on the windowsill follows the girl with a gaze. But nothing bothers her at all. Even when someone resembling Michael Myers (the main villain of the Halloween horror series) suddenly appears behind the curtain, the heroine calmly walks by.

The key is finally found – hurray! And it doesn’t matter that the rocking chair in the living room was occupied by a ghost (we assume so, since the surveillance camera does not see him) of a woman with a dead child in her arms. The girl goes outside to the car, the sports “Elantra” sparkles with lights, a cute cat walks past the car decorously. It would seem like a happy ending, the horrors are over.

The engine starts juicy, and suddenly the silence is broken by a heart-rending scream. Low fuel tank! According to the authors of the video, this is the main nightmare for the owner of a “hot” sedan.

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