Hyundai Sonata holds the punch perfectly

Hyundai Sonata holds the punch perfectly


China’s C-NCAP committee has reviewed the safety of the eighth generation Hyundai Sonata sedan (DN8). The car received an 88.3% rating, which corresponds to a five-star rating.

Experts gave the South Korean model 90.64% for passenger safety, 65.57% for injury safety for pedestrians and 100% for preventive systems.

C-NCAP praised the Sonata’s handling of frontal and side impacts. The pillows opened in time, the heads of the driver and passenger did not touch the struts, the body retained its power structure.

Recall that the C-CNAP rating includes several types of tests: frontal impact at 64 km / h with 40% overlap (deformable barrier), frontal impact at 50 km / h with 100% overlap (hard barrier), side impact trolley. The final grade is the sum of the points for each test. The work of preventive systems and injury safety of the front part of the body when hitting a person are also checked.

Since the Sonata is not sold in the EU, Euro NCAP has not tested it. But in 2020, the sedan was checked by the Americans. The Institute for Highway Safety of America (NHTSA) also gave it five stars.

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