Hyundai Staria: Empire strikes multivan

Hyundai Staria: Empire strikes multivan


The Hyundai Staria minivan bursts into the party, where the main star is the Volkswagen Multivan. Yes, even if Volkswagen has a rich friend, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, this friend is still less influential. Volkswagen also has a few buddies, not-so-brilliant little ones like the Peugeot Traveler and the Opel Zafira Life. But they are Volkswagen – with its well-established status – no match.

The main question is: can the Old Man – with such a cosmic appearance and such a mundane (by the standards of the equipment available to her) price tag – break the established balance? Does she claim to be the king of the party?

Look for the answer in our test drive. Happy viewing!

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