Hyundai suspended the production of hydrogen Genesis

Hyundai suspended the production of hydrogen Genesis


Initially, it was assumed that such machines will appear on the market as early as 2025. However, the launch is at least postponed.

According to the Korean edition of Chosun, Hyundai has abandoned the project to create premium Genesis cars on hydrogen fuel. The point may be that the current characteristics of the 3rd generation hydrogen cells do not correspond to the goals set initially. Therefore, the project has been suspended for now, but they may return to it in the future.

At the end of November, part of the personnel of this department was transferred to another job. Let us remind you that Hyundai, together with the Korean government, is going to sell 130,000 cars on hydrogen fuel. However, it doesn’t look very realistic yet.

By the beginning of 2022, a total of 80,000 of these cars should have been sold, but the figure was just over 20,000.

The third-generation hydrogen system, which was introduced by Hyundai in September this year, has several advantages.

The durability has doubled with a decrease in volume. Thus, this will reduce prices for this type of fuel by 50%. Nevertheless, at the moment these are all theoretical calculations, but in practice everything looks much more complicated.

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