Hyundai told why the new “Elantra” strange design element

Hyundai told why the new “Elantra” strange design element


To the left of the steering wheel of the new sedan, we noticed unusual “is” and tried to figure out why you need it.

Hyundai Elantra new generation was introduced to the world the day before, and as it turned out, became a new round of accelerated development of the corporate design policy. In addition to a completely new look sedan was built and the interior with a fundamentally different architecture.

Optional “Elantra” can be implemented by two with 10.3-inch monitors arranged in a single unit: the left plays the role of the instrument panel, to the right is the multimedia system display. While nothing unexpected. However, to the left of the left screen, we noticed a strange item – the glossy panel is inscribed with a circle with a slash mark in the middle.


This is not a vent of the ventilation (complete ducts located below) and not extravagant speaker sound system. Our colleagues from the American edition of Motor1 asked for clarification directly with the manufacturer, and team members at the Hyundai product planning gave on the one hand basic, on the other – an unexpected answer.

This design element is exactly what it is – just a design element.

“It’s just a pattern on the glass, which does not perform any function and is only of aesthetic value,” said Hyundai.

Tell us what you do not like the new “Elantra”?

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