Hyundai Tucson/IX35 with mileage you can buy on credit from 97 UAH. a day!


Trade-service AIS network offers a unique opportunity to purchase cars on credit, announces a promotional sale Hyundai Tucson/IX35, imported from Korea. Exclusive benefits purchases in AIS, which is not offered by any company:

1) largest selection of Hyundai Tucson/IX35 with a run in Ukraine!

The offer cars 2011-2016 model year, with mileage from 48 thousand km to 190 thousand km with the 2.0-liter diesel engine, automatic transmission and only with a rich optional equipment.

2) Some of the most affordable prices among cars with similar equipment and year of issue!

Prices reduced to 29 000 UAH. and start from 319 900 UAH.!* It is worth noting that the price of new equivalent exceeds UAH 800,000. Thus buying a car with mileage is economically significantly more advantageous, providing the owner a level of reliability, comfort and safety on premium level of the brand Hyundai.

3) Buying on credit with payment of 97 UAH. a day.**

AIS provides a unique opportunity to purchase on credit b/y car. A number of credit programs of banks like Bank, globe, Oschadbank.**

Credit conditions one of the best on the market, the client has the possibility to choose between numerous credit proposals, up to 90% of loan applications of customers satisfied with banks. The detailed terms of lending you can check on the websites of partner banks. In shopping centers AIS it is possible to obtain the calculations of payments and to apply for a loan.

AIS ensures the reliability of our vehicles. Each buyer Hyundai Tucson/IX35 received a gift of an insurance policy against damage*** that allows you to be sure the purchased vehicle is not less than in the new.

Cars customs cleared, certified and available to buy in shopping centers AIS throughout Ukraine. Note that AIS buys used cars only from official representatives of manufacturers in good to excellent condition. The cars have a common aggregate body and base with counterparts in the EU and Ukraine, which will significantly simplify future owners of their future service.

Of the benefits of acquiring used cars in AIS you can also select the option of purchase at the trade-in. Buyers are legal entities receive a full refund.

The offer and other brands and models of cars from South Korea and the United States: Kia Picanto, Kia Rio, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Santa FE, Volkswagen Jetta, Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda 6 and Ford Focus etc.

All vehicles available for test drive.

Learn more about the offered vehicles and terms of acquisition by phone 0800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine) or on the AIS website Autotrade.

Warehouse of cars is limited! Promotional price offer valid AIS network throughout Ukraine with 01.07.2020 to 31.08.2020 G.

* Are the minimum promotional price per unit as at July 01, 2020. Depending on the selected vehicle prices may vary in accordance with the year of manufacture, mileage and equipment. Prices change daily based on changes in foreign exchange rates purchase. For full details please contact the seller. The benefit is construed as the maximum difference between the prices of the price list from 01.06.2020 G. and G. 01.07.2020

*** Lending services are carried out by partner banks licensed by the NBU. More detailed information about the partners and the conditions of lending programs, check with the Seller or on the websites of partner banks:,, The amount of the loan payment on the day calculated from the specified value of the car, the first payment of 50% and a loan term of 7 years.

*** The gift means buying insurance against failures in IC VUSO for 1 UAH. (license of goskomfinuslug No. 2062 dated 10/07/2014). Detailed conditions of the insurance policy, check with the Policyholder – IC VUSO. The validity of the proposal with 03.03.2020 to 31.12.2020 g. Promotional offer is valid in malls AIS and AIS AutoTrade in Kiev, Sumy. The validity of the insurance policy 3 months. or 15 000 km.

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